Hostel : A well-ventilated and spacious hostel with nice staying arrangements and healthy and delicious food and recreation facilities. The hostel building in well furnished highly decorated and neatly maintained. A well-orchestrated effort is being afoot to confer pleasure to the mentally retarded children, for whom it is like a medicine. The hostel provides various indoor game facilities.

Instructions : Scientifically developed general and vocational instruction given by a competent faculty enshrined with lofty imagination, towering patience, profuse love and sympathy and top of all-determination and untiring zeal. Play Ground: Students enjoy various outdoor games in its own playground.

Drama & Culture Functions : Dramas and various cultural functions are held for the students. Some disabled students are prepared in such a manner that they also participate in dramas and other cultural functions nicely.

Free Medical Centre : There is a free Medical Centre for the students.

Swimming Pool :Swimming pool and hot water/cold water process is does as a treatment measure. Swimming is also taught as a hobby. Competitive mindedness is developed.

Library :There is a resourceful library containing books on philosophy , history, scientific fictions, novels, various streams of science etc. Besides there are paintings, pictures, graph, stories in pictures etc.

Lord Shiva Temple : There is Lord Shiva Temple where Puja, Yajna and various religious discourses are held. Besides moral classes are also held.

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