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Dr. B.N. Roy

Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential was established in the year 1977 by Dr. Bimalendu Narayan Roy,a renowed Medical Pratitioner and also an established social reformer with the untiring services of some dedicated Personal to commemorate the memory of Alakendu Narayan Roy. The aim and objects of this residential are to rehabilitate the mentally retarded speach defective and spastic boys/girls and young adults and olds through curative teaching training and other sophisticated processess and methods,and make them useful citizens rather than social and national burden.


Prologue The seeds of the pioneer and only Institute for the Intellectual Disabled Persons Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential in the entire Kolkata District were sown some two decades ago with the generous contribution of Doctor Bimalendu Narayan Roy in 1977. Traversing a long and arduous journey with immense efforts of devoted workers, the kind seeds of Alakendu Bodh Niketan residential has grownup into a magnificent Banyan Tree today, with the blessings of GOD, the generous cooperation of people from all walks of life and the combined efforts of the management. The question which haunts the minds of the parents of such children quite taqueatly is “What will happen to our child after we will die?” Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential has become asylum for such innocent children where they get warmth. acceptance, proper care and here they imbibe the spirit of self respect and self-reliance. Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential is not just an ordinary school it is much more than that a fountain of life which covers a big area. The entire panorama is fringed with scores of lust green trees and well laid with plants in between. It is well-equipped with all the modern amenities, equipments and infrastructure.

Introduction Disk

1. Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential is like a nest, where many children get comfort, consolation, support, encouragement and source of faith.

2. For physical, mental and intellectual development of Intellectual Disabled Children, the exclusive services of Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential is available.

3. Encourage the child with mental retardation to play with normal children.

4. Intellectual Disabled People need no sympathy only require empathy


6. Mental Retardation is not mental illness.

National Trust Activities

  • In depth study of various provision under National Trust Act.
  • Publication of folder, providing of information and guidance to parents.
  • Legal guardianships registration etc.
  • Niramaya health insurance scheme.
  • Awareness on national Trust Act. Provision.
  • ID card for disabled.
  • The Benefits like scholarship, grants, concession, subsidies.
  • the deduction available in income tax.


To meet this herculean task, the skilled, committed and well qualified counsellers along with dynamic management, experts special educators, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapists, social workers, vocational instructors, parents and staff members are constantly active and busy.



Basic Services:

  • Awareness regarding mental retardation
  • Survey
  • Observation
  • Investigation
  • Detection
  • Diagnosis
  • Suggestive
  • Intervention
  • Psychological Assessment…IQ

Special Education:

  • Daily Activities / Self care(ADL)
  • Speech and Language development
  • Adjustment
  • Concept of numbers, objects and time
  • Sense of shape and colours
  • Devt. of skills useful for prevocational fields

Clinical & Therapeutics Services:

  • Physio Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Dance Therapy
  • Hydro Therapy
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Multi Sensory Training Services to achieve its mission

Man Power Development:

A legion of committed and trained man power is necessary to work in this special filed.
This Institute runs several courses to prepare such experts.
They are:
  • D.ED.S.E.(MR) the Diploma Course is run by Teachers Training Centre Of Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential in head Office.
  • Mothers’ Training Course
  • C.R.E. Programme
  • Orientation and Refresheer course
  • Capacity Building
  • Personality Development
  • Organizing Workshop, Conference, Seminar

Multi – Dimensional Psycho-Socio Activities:

  • Yoga
  • Cultural Activities
  • Sports
  • Special Olympics
  • Celebration of Social & Religious Festivals
  • Educational Tours
  • Computer Training

Special Services:

Adult Vocational Training Centre:
(Children above 18yrs. are trained for the following crafts at the creativity centre.)
  • Handicraft
  • Weaving (Towel, Bed Sheet, Duster, Napkin, etc.)
  • Printing & Book binding (Voucher, Challan, Form, Leaflet, Checklist, etc.)
  • Making of Candles
  • Carpentry (Dols, Toys, etc.)
  • Greeting Cards Making


  • By giving donations
  • By Purchasing the articles made by M.R. children
  • By giving equipments
  • By rendering honorary service as volunteer
  • By offering your special skills
  • By making fruitful and rewarding contacts
  • By adopting a child or adult M.R. by way of donations

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An Institute for all-Round Development of Mentally Retarded Speech Defectives & Spastics (Recognised by Govt. of India as an all India Institute) Registered under Govt. of West Bengal Societies Act, 1961

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