Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential

It's Units


Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential has an unit at Jemo in District of Murshidabad,(P.O. Jemo Rajbati).It is a home for elderly boys and girls of mental retardation where various therapeutic measures, special education,vocation training are imparted to the adult personnel and its multivaious activites are :-

1.  Day care school (Boys & Girls).

2.  Residential Unit (Boys & Girls).

3.  DPEP Programme (run by the Sarva Siksha Mission,Govt.of W.B.).

4.  ADIP a project of assistance for disabled persons for purchase fitting of aids (appliances scheme).

5.  SAMARTH,a centre based service scheme for the welfare of person with autism,cerebral palsy,mental retardation.

6.  ADIP a project of assistance for disabled persons for purchase fittings of aids (appliances scheme).


It is a rural based project in paschim Midnapore where its various activites are:-

1.  Day care school (Boys & Girls)

2.  Residential Unit (Boys & Girls)

3.  DPEP Programme (run by the Sarva Siksha Mission,Govt.of W.B.)


It is an exclusive project for Girls and adult women of mental retardation.Here various vocational training such as tailoring,embroidery,knitting,doll making etc. conducted.Besides special education is imparted to the mentally retarded people,professional physicians regularly visit this centre for health cheek up and treatment of the inmates.


West Bengal sate AIDS Prevention and Control Society is implementing their AIDS Programme Through Alskendu Bodh Niketan Residential -Ti Projects at therir Howrah Station area and Kadapara are of intervention. Alakendu is equally devoted to remove this fatal disease from the society since 2000.The target community,they reach is the flying Sex Workers.The programme as a hole is conducted by NACO,New Delhi.



Basic Services:

  • Awareness regarding mental retardation
  • Survey
  • Observation
  • Investigation
  • Detection
  • Diagnosis
  • Suggestive
  • Intervention
  • Psychological Assessment…IQ

Special Education:

  • Daily Activities / Self care(ADL)
  • Speech and Language development
  • Adjustment
  • Concept of numbers, objects and time
  • Sense of shape and colours
  • Devt. of skills useful for prevocational fields

Clinical & Therapeutics Services:

  • Physio Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Dance Therapy
  • Hydro Therapy
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Multi Sensory Training Services to achieve its mission

Man Power Development:

A legion of committed and trained man power is necessary to work in this special filed.
This Institute runs several courses to prepare such experts.
They are:
  • D.ED.S.E.(MR) the Diploma Course is run by Teachers Training Centre Of Alakendu Bodh Niketan Residential in head Office.
  • Mothers’ Training Course
  • C.R.E. Programme
  • Orientation and Refresheer course
  • Capacity Building
  • Personality Development
  • Organizing Workshop, Conference, Seminar

Multi – Dimensional Psycho-Socio Activities:

  • Yoga
  • Cultural Activities
  • Sports
  • Special Olympics
  • Celebration of Social & Religious Festivals
  • Educational Tours
  • Computer Training

Special Services:

Adult Vocational Training Centre:
(Children above 18yrs. are trained for the following crafts at the creativity centre.)
  • Handicraft
  • Weaving (Towel, Bed Sheet, Duster, Napkin, etc.)
  • Printing & Book binding (Voucher, Challan, Form, Leaflet, Checklist, etc.)
  • Making of Candles
  • Carpentry (Dols, Toys, etc.)
  • Greeting Cards Making
P-1/4/1 C.I.T. Scheme VII-M, 
       VIP Road, Kakurgachi, Kolkata-54

Phone No. 091-33-23207433 / 2869
       Fax No.: 091-33-23207433